I began writing on the web in 1995 … late by some standards, but early enough to make me feel like an old-timer now. Sixteen years can make for a prodigious amount of content, even for someone as intermittently prolific as I.

Some of it is lost forever, but other bits linger in odd corners; I’ve begun aggregating links below. I also have some projects archived offline, from which I will be selectively adding as time permits.


At no point did I ever imagine that the single thing I would be most famous for is toilet-training my cat. But there you go. Life is weird that way.

Some of the most important writing I’ve ever done was for my online (first email, later web) journal called ‘Nine Lives’, between 1997 and 2001. It’s been offline for years; now I’m slowly re-adding select posts into my current journal, under their original dates.

My peripatetic journal-writing has included a longish run on LiveJournal … though some of the posts there are ‘friends-only’.

For a time-machine journey back to 1999, visit my old author site. There you may laugh at such things as the ‘suggested 800×600 screen resolution’ and my naive hope of finishing my first novel in the year 2000. As Lennon said, ‘Life is what happens when you’re making other plans.’ If you can navigate through the minefield of dead links, you’ll find three of my published short stories on that site, plus various excerpts and three published poems as well.