Save Misha!
misha and karawynn cuddle

received as of April 5: $1012.71

Update: the Save Misha! fundraising drive is now over. In just under a month, generous readers donated over a thousand dollars for Misha's thyroid treatment. He is scheduled for the first of three vet visits on Monday, April 7th. I believe I have replied to everyone from whom I received assistance, so if you have not heard from me, that means I have not (yet) received your donation. (Some checks may still be in the mail.)

I have set up a mailing list for donors so I can keep them informed of Misha's treatment and condition. If you donated and would like to be on this list, and let me know.

What follows is the original page text ...

First of all, let me make clear that despite the title, Misha is not in immediate danger of dying. As I was thinking about making this page, I kept remembering the scene in Ferris Bueller's Day Off where the high school kid walks down the halls with a tin can collecting donations: "Save Ferris? Save Ferris!"

Misha's illness, however, is very real. He's lost about 30% of his body weight, among other symptoms. Our vet has diagnosed him as having hyperthyroidism. This is a systemic disease caused by a tumor in his thyroid, which is already affecting his heart and liver; if not treated it will kill him.

misha meows at the camera
Misha's reaction to being told his treatment will cost $1000

In order to cure this disease, Misha will need a radioactive iodine injection, a procedure which requires hospitalization and costs about a thousand dollars.

I've had the 'How to Toilet-Train Your Cat' and FAQ pages up now for seven years, offering for free information and advice that many other people have chosen to sell. I've never asked for anything in return, and never intended to. But I'm asking now.

I am one of those people with a career in the internet industry who has had trouble finding enough work after the 'dot-com crash'. I won't bore you with the sob story of my financial state, but in short, I don't have a thousand dollars to spend on vet bills. Not even on credit.

misha kisses karawynn
Karawynn receives a Misha Kiss™

So if you thought this web site was useful or funny, would you please donate something to Misha's Vet Fund? I would be deeply grateful. He's been my loving companion for fourteen years, and I don't want to lose him one second sooner than I have to. He's otherwise in excellent health, so if treated soon could easily live another five or six happy years.

If you can't afford to donate, would you please bookmark this page, and return here the next time you want to make a purchase from or If you enter either site from my link, I'll get 5% of your purchases in affiliate fees, and it won't cost you anything. It may only be a few cents, but every little bit helps.

Alternatively, you could hire me to do some work for you and/or your company. That would be a big help too.