As you may have guessed from the domain, I’m Karawynn. I do in fact still refer to myself as ‘girl’ even though at forty-two I’m more than halfway to ‘crotchety old hag’.

I’m a polymath, which basically means I want to Do All The Things. Particularly, though: I write, I design, I cook, I manage finances. Also I read voraciously: psychology, sociology, neurology, economics, anthropology, with occasional sprinklings of fantasy and science fiction.

Frequently mentioned names include:

  • Jak, my sweetie and partner since 2001
  • his two daughters, Michaela and Claire
  • our three pets, Tessa (a border collie), Sammy and Feather (cats)

I am a survivor of child abuse, and engaged in a lifelong struggle with anxiety and depression. I am a polyamorous biromantic asexual. My body and I are at war, and so far I’m losing.

And that should be enough for a start.