Meta entries


New home is dead. Long live

I don’t have time right now to tell the full story, but here’s the gist: an Unscrupulous Person decided to hijack my web site and use it to sell his own book.

It was a long con, well over a year in the setup. This was not a matter of my failing to renew a domain name at expiration — the hacker socially engineered my registrar into transferring the rights to while it was still legally mine. By the time I had any clue what was happening, it was too late.

That was July 2011. At first I fought like mad, but after months it became apparent that I had no legal recourse — at least not one that wouldn’t cost tens of thousands of dollars I didn’t have. I was heartbroken and sick, not just due to the loss of something more tied to my identity than any physical location ever, but because the fucker was using my photos and stories of Misha, my best-loved and much-missed cat, to hawk his own product.

Eventually Jak convinced the hacker’s web host to take the content offline due to copyright violation, so at least the thief is not now making bank off my dead cat. (We would have done that sooner, except that the site was evidence in my failed battle to reclaim the name.)

I’ve been writing a lot at my pf blog this past year, but sometimes I have things to say that don’t belong over there.

So I’m finally moving into my new home. Brought some of the old furniture with me; there’s more still in storage. A few bits got broken in transit; I’ll replace them when I have time.

No link-roads lead here anymore, which makes it a little like 1995 all over again, before half the world crawled through my bathroom window to gawp at a cat on a toilet.

It’s strange to have a home again after so long. But good. I’ve missed it.


Which life am I on now? I’ve lost count.

There’s new writing on the way; I’ve been held up by an injured hand. Also the fact that after weeks of having nothing important to say (and feeling lame about it, too, such that I wrote a bunch of inane fluff about my dog just to be writing something), I suddenly have too much to say. I’m having trouble sorting it out into anything coherent.

While I wrestle with this, I have finally started something I’ve intended to do since I started this ‘new’ blog several months ago: retrieve the best of my older journal entries, and make them available again.

I’m reposting them without edits, except for reducing most of the names to initials. I’m also adding them under the date that they originally appeared, so you won’t see them show up as new entries here. (Not sure about the RSS feed.) You can find them by the nine lives tag, though, and there’s a permanent link on the ‘Past’ page as well.

They’re coming in non-chronological order; I’m choosing things that I think are important for some reason. In some cases — but not all — this means they’re backstory for something yet to come.



What was I thinking, going from zero blogs directly to two? I never seem to have the time to do more than one significant entry per day, and even that much is not indefinitely sustainable. I am a perfectionist who edits iteratively as I write; this is not conducive to speed. If I can get a single sentence down in fewer than four rephrasings, I’m doing well.

Anyway, if I’m not here for a little while it’s probably because I’m posting over there. If I’m not here or there, I’m probably up to my eyebrows in worldbuilding research. You can still talk to me though; I’ll talk back …