I know, I went AWOL again on the blog. But this time I have a really good excuse: I was writing a short story instead.

This is a milestone: my first piece of fiction since the mid-90s. It’s with a few readers now, and assuming that no major fixes are necessary (I’ve already done one revision pass based on Jak’s feedback), I’ll be submitting it to an editor in a couple of weeks. So yeah, this ‘move to Mexico and write’ thing is actually starting to happen …

In the meantime we’ve also jumped through a number of logistical hoops, including finding a new house to rent (our lease is up at the end of March) and buying a (used) Mexican-plated car. The car was not part of the original plan — we intended to keep our existing car for a few more years — but became necessary when we were unable to get Jak’s residential visa in January. Bureaucracy for the lose …

The new house is gorgeous, and huge. Also expensive. Still much cheaper than living in Seattle, but our monthly costs are going to spike hard (and our savings percentage drop commensurately).

But Jak really, really wanted the place, and he’s the one who’s slaving away at the day job, so we agreed to increase our budget. Not that I am the tiniest bit sorry to have a good chef’s kitchen, finally, after years of ‘making do’. (One of the biggest problems with our current house is the nearly-nonexistent kitchen — I am pretty sure that this house was originally a three-room servants’ casita, later expanded and semi-converted. The kitchen was definitely crammed into a corner as an afterthought. I cook too much for this to not be painful.)

I’m also going to try to offset the housing cost increase by setting up our extra rooms on AirBnB. That will be a whole new side business for me, at least for the next year. So I’ve spent some time researching what that entails, setting up spreadsheets, etc. (Anyone ever used AirBnB, either traveling or hosting?)

So that’s the major news. I haven’t forgotten the AMA, but I might not get to it until April. Jak’s daughter Michaela is visiting this week, and then of course we’re moving, and I have a number of medical appointments queued up. But I haven’t forgotten, I promise!

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  1. 21 Mar 2014 at 2:10 pm

    Can’t wait to read the story, good to know that you two are doing well.

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