Pay no attention

Here we are with yet another (I’ve lost count!) incarnation of Karawynn essay-journal-blog-thing. For now I’m calling it ‘musings’, which is painfully unoriginal, I know, but I wasn’t going to postpone the project until I could think of something more clever. The title isn’t really important, for this, and using the home directory of means I can change it anytime.

Because I’m me, I can’t just implement even a good design created by someone else, no … I have to get in there and fiddle with it. So until I get things arranged to my satisfaction, there will be intermittent breakage. Shouldn’t be too long, a day or two perhaps; once I get a burr under my saddle (to lapse into the vernacular of my childhood) I move quickly.

In the meantime, I’m just that girl behind the curtain. Nothing to see here. Yet.

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